HSE and Quality Policy Statement

For us, high quality of work is just as important as its safety. Therefore, we have created a set of rules and guidelines that are determinant of any standards of our actions:

  • we fully respect and meet the highest quality and safety standards that apply in the countries in which we operate;
  • we guarantee an implementation of all quality and safety standards set by our customers and applicable to our investments;
  • we invest in regular trainings for our staff regarding health and safety issues;
  • the safety of our employees always comes first – we try to minimize the risk using both: best protection and safety measures;
  • we carry out periodic health examinations and vaccinations in countries where it is required.
  • we provide all the necessary documentation and insurance policies of our employees upon the customer’s request;
  • we organize regular competitions within the company. Our employees practice their skills practice their skills and learn from each other and that allows us to choose the best of them
  • our employees are not allowed to use alcohol or other abusive substances throughout their employment;
  • we want our brand to be synonymous with high standard of customer service. In order to achieve this goal, we implemented the ISO Quality Management System and we also provide regular trainings for our staff.